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Viber Android and his rivals

"Download Viber Android now or Viber PC in your computer"

Download Viber Android free on our computer. Free call with this app. Download Viber for Android and install app alternative to WhatsApp for PC.

Download Viber Android or Viber PC

Viber Android is an instant messaging application that offers us new releases and other features that the other instant messaging app do not have. Don't wait any longer to download, install and enjoy Viber Android or Viber PC on your personal computer.

Viber Android version has many followers in the United Kingdom and represents a serious threat to apps like WhatsApp or Line.

Viber for PC is available for computer quickly and easily. Now install the Viber app on your computer, tablet or Smartphone will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family of fun and easy way.

Download Viber Android

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Viber is available free for multiple platforms such as:

Viber Android is the instant messaging app most downloaded in these moments in some countries of the world. Little by little gaining users throughout the world. Choose Viber as our instant messaging app is a good choice. Don't expect more for now enjoy this great app and invites to all your contacts to install Viber.

Images Viber Android version

This app is here to make life easier and more fun. Share pictures, text messages and send them quickly and easily.

Viber Android in your PC or computer without Smartphone

Viber for PC can be installed on your computer without having Smartphone. All this is possible if we use an emulator for Android. Bluestacks is one of the most downloaded, available at Its installation is very simple, since its page web and in just three click you have the emulator running on your PC. Once we have installed the Bluestacks emulator you can search in favorite apps bar Viber. From the same emulator you can download Viber. Simple and fast, download and install.

The competence of the chat application

Viber is one of the best instant messaging applications that can be found in the sector. Not in vain it has millions of users around the world. The improvements that has received the application along with the special features that has this chat app, are important reasons that make that users prefer is this Messenger application.

Despite the crisis economic suffering of many developed countries, to grow the sales of Smartphone and devices with the Android operating system. The sale of Smartphone is growing dramatically day by day, there are many emerging markets that, in spite of the crisis are some large sales figures. The rise in popularity of messaging applications linked to the increase in downloads of these apps, has led to the emergence of new instant messaging applications. The arrival of Blackberry Messenger with your version of BBM for Android seems to have revolutionized the industry by providing a high degree of security in the sending of text messages and in the talks.

BBM is an application that was developed many years ago by RIM, the Canadian company which owns the Blackberry Smart Devices. In its beginnings BBM was created exclusively for Blackberry devices. Users of the brand lovers found that this service was much faster and more secure than the popular SMS. It is precisely this exclusivity was the only thing that prevented that BBM will dominate the messaging services throughout the world.

Automatic recognition contacts and users of Viber

Viber helps us in the recognition of contacts who use or have the app installed on your Smartphone. In this way is not necessary to re-enter manually in the agenda to be able to share images and videos or perform conersaciones with our friends or family members.